The Silkstones are an indie-rock group from the Lethbridge and Calgary area. Consisting of core members Ryan Phillips and Dylan Jerome Wagner, the two developed an honest and focused song writing relationship by becoming great friends not only in the band, but being supportive in their personal lives as well. Together, they push each other in their song writing limits further and further which has matured the band’s sound. Their outlook on music has always been to take the art seriously and to have depth and thoughtfulness while songwriting.

With the addition of new members this summer, The Silkstones are able to create lush and full sounds that are heard on the album and have translated into sophisticated and exciting live shows. Their violinist Megan Brown gives a lavish string dynamic while their guitarist Joel Gray provides energy and melodic solos that complements Wagner’s guitar. Their drummer Skyler Bjorn Benoit-Jones and  bassist Christina Prakash  provide a solid percussive blanket for everyone else to build upon and create the lush ambient art-rock sound The Silkstones are known for.       


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Press Quotes

"As I close my eyes and dream of summer road trips, the perfect playlist to accompany the long stretches of road is being curated. Thanks to The Silkstones latest release, The World Began With A Yes, my search for the quintessential summer album may be over."
Monica Lockett

"Wagner and Phillips are adventurous, which makes it a challenge for some listeners. On the other hand, they aim to entertain at all times, so their flights of fancy are hardly a difficult thing to tolerate. In fact, it could be said that their “challenging”/“listenable” quotient is just the right balance. The Canadian balance."
Mark Anthony Brennan

"'The World Began With A Yes' is definitely worth listening to, let alone buying. But it should have a warning on the cover of the album, because once you do listen to it, it will grow on you until you become hooked."
Patrick Price
Cochrane Times

"I recently mastered The Silkstones and am loving this record! If I was currently in a band, this is the record [The World Began With A Yes] I'd wish I could make. You should definitely check out The Silkstones."
João Carvalho
Producer/Master Engineer

"Seems a big day for indie, as Lethbridge’s The Silkstones join the fray. “I Should Have Know”[From The World Began With A Yes] is an engaging pop tune, that even has echoes of solo John Lennon."
Mark Anthony Brennan
Ride The Tempo

"[The Silkstones album ["HER"] ultimately creates a catchy but also quite substantial sound, and one that could easily become both definitive and successful."
Jordan Hodgins
"It is an hour and a half before the show is slated to start, and every table at Owl Acoustic Lounge is full. Every seat at the bar is taken, the patio is packed, and there are people waiting outside the door. Finding a seat out of the waitress's way is nearly impossible, yet patrons of the bar find folded seats crammed in a dark corner and pull them out to take up the last bit of space at the back of the room. Everyone is there for the same reason, and the buzz is so loud you can barely hear the background music. As the minutes tick away, the bar hits capacity and people keep piling outside. Like all highly aniticpated shows, the band flies onto the stage, The MC introduces the act and the crowd goes wild. Meet up-and-coming Lethbridge band, The Silkstones."
Mercedes Fawns
Lethbridge Living
“Our jaws dropped. Literally. I still remember the look on the faces around me. It was hard to distinguish between original tune and cover, but, it didn't matter. We were all there in that moment. If you're looking for something new, something special, I'd suggest finding The Silkstones at a gig near you. Soon. These guys are going places."
Jay Herington
98.1fm The Bridge 
"There aren’t many guarantees in life, but I do guarantee when former Cochrane resident Ryan Phillips leads his band The Silkstones on stage at The Gentry Expresso and Wine Bar this Saturday night they will be playing before a sold-out audience.Not because Phillips was raised in the community and went to Mitford School and Cochrane High, and not because tickets are only $10, which is an absolute steal, but because the band is just that good."
Patrick Price
Cochrane Times




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